5 Ways To Relax Vocal Cord

5 Ways To Relax Vocal Cord
How to relax vocal chords

Your voice is an essential asset in your whole body, and that isn’t only because it is used for communication but because the area of the vocal cord, which is the throat, is critical to your survival. Taking care of our bodies is one thing, but trying to relax our voices can sometimes prove to be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, you can read on to learn about the five ways to relax your vocal cord.

Get Professional Help

The first method may seem like a generic answer to most of your questions, but there’s nothing better than seeking help from a speech pathologist near you. Some of the most inspirational voice recovery stories come from those who sought the help of professionals. Speech therapy for adults can become daunting at first, but all your worries should go away once you recover with proper supervision.

Vocal problems can sometimes become an issue when you forget to relax and take the stress off of your vocal cords. However, it would be overwhelming to figure out the best medical and rehabilitating solutions when you have no idea where to start. Take the time to do your research and if professional help is available, choose that option first.

Warm Up and Loosen Your Vocal Cords

Most speech therapists would advise you to warm up your vocal cords before engaging in any prolonged speech activities and with good reason. Sometimes when your vocal cords don’t have enough time to warm up and loosen the tissue, it can negatively affect your body. If you’re someone that considers their voice as an investment, then maintaining it by warming up before an event is a great habit to practice.

Massage Your Throat

Many people disregard the importance of massage, but little do they know that massage has saved countless athletes’ careers worldwide. Your voice, just like with any other muscle in the body, needs help in maintaining peak performance, which is why a massage is a healthy activity to do before doing anything vocally strenuous.

Exercise Breathing Techniques

Breathing is a huge part of what makes a singer successful, and asking any one of them would yield the same answer; breathing is essential to preserving your voice. Take the time to practice how much air you can inhale and exhale before imitating online videos about breathing techniques. You might find that breathing through your stomach will help your vocal cords open up quickly compared to using your nose.

Drink The Right Amount of Water Regularly

Staying hydrated may seem like such an obnoxious answer, but you will be surprised by the difference in your vocal cords when you decide to keep hydrated. A well-hydrated body will perform better, and your vocal cords will remain healthy for more extended periods.


You can take note of these methods to help you maintain your vocal cords’ health so that your voice remains an asset for many years to come. It may seem repetitive and exhausting at first, but being consistent will reward you with a healthier lifestyle and positive mental attitude.

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