This is a duplicated blog post. Only sample

This is a duplicated blog post. Only sample
Learn how common childhood speech therapy is

There are a lot of kids that are having trouble saying different words or sounds. This will be frustrating for the parents because people cannot understand their children when they say something. It is usual for the kids who need speech therapy to go to the therapist because it can help them know and talk well. This is the way for them to learn things step by step.

How Can Speech Therapy Help Your Child?

Speech therapy can also be with any age of the people who have speech or language disorders and different talking ways. There are different types of how speech therapists help people and especially children, with their speech disorders. The first one is articulation, and this is when kids are having trouble saying words or sounds correctly. 

Some of them will say “Run” and it will sound “won,” also, it will display “thay.” The children’s lips are considered an articulation disorder, and they may have a problem with their hearing or how they pronounce the word. Speech therapy is suitable for people or especially children who have cluttering, cluttering speech and ADHD.

The next one is the fluency of the person. This is when a person or a kid will keep repeating certain words or sounds, and they will have difficulty saying or pronouncing the full name. In that case, they have a disorder in their fluency. In some cases, when a kid is trying to pronounce the “story,” they might be having trouble in saying “st.”

Most of the kids with the disorder will stutter in everything they say, depending on their condition. The next one is the resonance or diseases of the voice of the child. They may have a disordered voice if they are having trouble understanding them. They can start the sentence clear and loud, but they will have a hard time in the end part by mumbling.

Language Disorder

If a kid has trouble understanding how they talk and how they pronounce, they may have a language disorder. They will have a hard time expressing their feelings and thoughts. Language disorder has different causes, and it can be a congenital disability or a brain injury that the person is currently having.

Who Needs Speech Therapy?

There are many kids nowadays who go to speech therapists, and it is good for them to go there always so that it will help them with their speeches. Most of the time, the kids who have medical conditions are the ones who can speak clearly, such as weak muscle on their mouths, autism, swallowing disorder, breathing disorder, hoarseness, and hearing impairment.

What’s It Like For Them?

When a kid visits their therapist for the first time, they will need to have a speaking test. This is not a test that the therapist will fail them like in school, but this is a test for them to determine what speech problem the kid or a person has. They will be asked to say certain words or sounds. This will be recorded while the therapist is taking down notes.

The speech test will help the kid and the therapist to find out what the problem is. This is also the best way to help the child in their needs and what the best treatment is. The best treatment for kids who have speech problems is by practicing. If they have a hard time in their fluency, the therapist will show how the sound will sound, and the kid must follow.

They must copy how the therapist says the word and how the lips will move together with the tongue and the mouth to sound perfectly the same. Mirrors can also be helpful for them. They may ask the kid to make a particular sound while they look at themselves in the mirror. Some of them will even give games for the child so that they will not be bored.

If the therapist helps you with your language disorder, you will have a school-like program to study how you pronounce or say the words correctly. They will help you with perfect pronunciation and perfect grammar so that the terms will be perfectly delivered and pronounced by the child.


Some treatments are long and short. It will only depend on how the kids will cope with the therapist and how they will learn quickly. They can see their speech therapists maybe once or twice a week. Treatment will also depend on the kid’s growth with their learning because it can take for a few weeks, months, or maybe years.

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