Speech Therapy Services for Children and Families

As children grow, generally the ability to speak, comprehend speech, and be understood improve gradually. Making mistakes in speech is a normal and expected part of development, but if these mistakes are ongoing and your child is missing too many milestones, he may or may not have a speech and language delay. Children with speech and language delays make more mistakes while talking and form less intelligible sentences than those without delays.

How Can Speech-Sound Disorders in Two-Year-Olds be Diagnosed?

Typical developmental expectations for two-year-olds include being able to form phrases at least two words long and be understood by their guardians approximately 50-75% of the time. Additionally, we hope to see them follow simple commands, name simple objects, and have a vocabulary consisting of at least 200 words.

If your two-year-old can do the things mentioned earlier, they most likely do not have a speech and language delay. However, if your child is incapable of doing the things mentioned above, he may or may not have some speech and language difficulty. A professional consultation and evaluation can help diagnose your child and provide recommendations regarding the course of treatment and anticipated interventions.

What Causes Speech-Sound Disorders?

There is no one cause of speech-sound disorders. They can occur at birth, during development, be influenced by hearing loss, or a result of a brain injury or other medical issues. Other influences include: cleft lip or palate, genetic disorders, nervous system disorders, excessive thumb sucking, and illness like ear infections.

How Can These Disorders be Treated?

Speech and language disorders are most commonly treated through speech therapy. Speech therapy, especially at an early age, can help reduce symptoms of speech and language disorders. If you have ongoing concerns, consider seeking speech and language therapy from a licensed speech-language pathologist near you. Absolute Synergy Rehabilitation offers speech therapy in Granite Bay, CA. You can sign up for in-person or virtual appointments.


Speech and language disorders are disorders that affect a person’s ability to be understand and be understood by others. Try to imagine how frustrating that would be when working with a loved one and remember to be patient. Also remember you don’t have to do it alone; consider reaching out to a professional for added support and reduced stress.

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