Receptive Language Delays

Receptive language delays are a disorder where a child has difficulty understanding and comprehending language. This condition affects a child’s communicating skills that hinder his/her from having a normal conversation with other people. Some people who have this kind of disorder also have expressive language delay, which is another kind of speech disorder.

This condition is usually seen in children, but there are instances where some adults acquire this because of accidents and traumatic experiences. There are a lot of ways you can do to improve this kind of condition. Check this list of ways you can do to help you lessen or alleviate receptive language delays.

How Books Help in Child Speech Therapy

If you know someone who has this condition, one of the best things you can do to help them improve is to read a lot of books. Reading books to children can be a fun thing to do, and it’s also educational. This method can help expand a child’s vocabulary. It can also sharpen their reading and hearing skills.

You can also ask your kid to draw the things you mentioned in the books you’re reading to him/her for you to know if he/she understood and paid attention to your story. This will make the story more fun and less boring since some children don’t want to sit and listen for a particular time to hear a story that they’re not interested in.

Speech Therapy Games

If you want to enhance your children’s focus, then you should consider playing games that they’re familiar with and ask them to do specific things for you to see if they really understand the tasks you’re giving them. Playing games such as twister and puzzle games are some of the best games you can play with your children. The interaction during these game can be a key component in developing childhood language development

These games require a focus; that’s why it’s the best method for you to see if they’re coping up with the instructions you’re telling them. To make the games more fun, you can give them rewards after for them to feel that they did a good job. Never get mad if your children don’t understand you right away because it can make them more anxious about themselves.

Point and Name - Language Delay Techniques

Besides playing games in the house, you can also ask your kids to name the things you’re pointing to see outside to see if they’re aware of the things surrounding them. This can be a good training ground, and it can be a fun activity as well. You can also take them to do some shopping and ask them to label the things you’re pointing at.


You don’t need to be inside your house all the time to do this activity. As a matter of fact, it’s much better when you’re out so that he/she will be exposed to the society he/she is living in. Your kid will see things that will make them curious, which is a good thing because they’re learning as you help them improve their disorder.


This kind of disorder can be treated over time. You just have to be patient if you want to see your loved ones improve their condition. You can also hire professionals who work with speech order conditions to help you with this problem. If you’re planning on doing so, you should be financially prepared because the therapies can be expensive.

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